I am away from the world of sports betting a very proud father to my beautiful son and daughter. Fatherhood and spending time with them is my biggest pleasure in life so my life now compared to 15yrs ago is very different.

Make up and gymnastics has replaced the pub and going to football matches. If I ever do get any spare time I am a serious gym rat and tattoo afficiando. To balance out my masculinity (joke) I enjoy baking and collecting antiques and coins.

My business life has now taken me into co owning a construction and property development business. So far we have taken on mainly refurbishment and modernisation projects for a few key investors that I actually met while working for Billy Hills.

Hopefully we can eventually get into buying and selling soon ourselves. So all in all, a far from boring life. I still bet frequently, in fact probably just as much as when I was fulltime but now I feel it’s important to diversify to secure a future for my children.

My own tipping service….watch this space. I might consider running something for a small monthly fee if enough interest. So follow my FB page where I will post my picks and if interested DM me or email me.