Over the years I have seen an absolute bucket load of different betting styles and systems. The truth is that there is no golden fleece. You won’t find a system or bet outside of Arbitrage or Matched Betting that is guaranteed to win.

It always amuses me when people call bets “Bankers”….absolute certainties they cry! No such thing. It isn’t to say that some bets aren’t better than others, though. A few bullet points, Odds do matter. A lot. If you bet a lot and don’t take the best odds then you will struggle regardless of how good your selections or system.

I saw a lot of guys that were great at picking teams or horses or players and would take rubbish odds. So when they won, they weren’t winning nearly as much as they could have done by betting elsewhere. Long term that hurts their profit and loss vastly.

Staking plans are suicide. Ultimately any loss recovery I ever saw someone use would start well but eventually that certain sequence of results…..usually a few losses in a row….would blow their bank. Never seen or heard of someone that was profitable using a loss recovery plan.

Positive progressive staking….parlay betting, now that’s a different story. I have used it myself an awful lot and done very well and know several others with similar stories.

Free bets and odds boosts are a very easy source of extra money….just don’t be the mug that gets lured in by the bookies that then start punting left and right off the back of it. It’s what the bookies want.

Ultimately the difference between winning and losing is knowing your sport and team or player. If you know Manchester Utd inside and out and can look at their team sheet and then look at their oppositions and know easily if they are likely to win or struggle.

Well that is the absolute magic. Guys that won consistently at my shop could tell me every time why they fancied a bet and could stand and talk about it for 30mins easily. Their knowledge was always great. That’s the key.